All About Harp Strings

Here is another segment from my DVD, Harp Care with Steve Moss. In this one, I describe the different materials used in harp strings, give tips on how to know when your strings are due for replacing, explain the harp string numbering system, and show the tools used in harp string replacement. To learn more about the DVD and how to order it, click here.


How to Tune Your Harp

I have made several segments from my DVD, Harp Care with Steve Moss, available for free as YouTube videos. These two together make up the harp tuning segment. I demonstrate the mechanics of tuning lever harps in both the Key of C Major and the key of Eb Major, as well as tuning a pedal harp in the flat position to Cb Major. If you’re struggling with the task of tuning your harp, these are the videos for you.