This New App Helps you Keep Track of your Strings

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve just launched String Bag, a free online string inventory tracking tool designed specifically for harpists. To try it, simply click the hyperlink above, or point your browser to

From what I’ve learned talking to harpists, and from keeping my own inventory of harp strings, it’s hard to remember what you’ve run out of and need to order. Half the time when you change a string, you’re at a gig and you need to start tuning. There’s no time to worry about making a note to yourself that you’re out of 4th octave B or 2nd octave C. Then you forget you’re out until the next time you need that string, which might be a year later. And THEN you remember you ran out.

With String Bag, you’ll be able to deduct that string from your inventory from anywhere you have internet access: your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. When you have time to order strings, you can view a list of all the strings you’re out of instead of digging through your collection to see what’s missing.

Once you create an account, you can create records for each string you want to track, then it’s just a matter of going through your “real life” string bag, and adding the quantities of each string you have. It takes some time at first, but if you can avoid running out of that one string you need, just when you need it, I’d say it’s worth the effort. I hope you’ll give it a try, and if you do, please send me your thoughts via the “Contact” form on the site. This app is a work in progress, and I’ll be glad to get your feedback.

One thought on “This New App Helps you Keep Track of your Strings

  1. What a very cool idea!!

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